Friday, June 25, 2010

New Blog

All thanks goes to Olivia for giving our blog a face lift.  Why is it that our kids pick up on this computer stuff so much quicker than us adults?  She just took this upon herself to recreate the whole thing and is now a blogger.  I'm sure she will be posting her own stuff pretty soon!  It's so hard for me to find time to update this blog sometimes but now I have Olivia to help me.  She feels we have a responsibility to put up something new at least every 2 weeks or we'll loose all our readers, which isn't many to begin with!  

Well, thank you, Olivia.  Now I'm motivated to continue this thing with the new look you've given it.  Just maybe I'll find the time to post again next week!  You are the best and becoming more and more talented in crucial areas of life. . .  like blogging. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer projects coming to fruition

I'm not sure what is happening with this post! I changed my settings and don't know how to do anything anymore.  My captions are all messed up.  I'll do my best. This quilt I've been working on for awhile now.  It's my first one and is called a "rag quilt" because you sew it with the seams showing and then when you wash it the seams fray and make it look old.  It feels so nice to have finished it!  I'm not one to start a bunch of projects all at the same time.  I have to finish the one I've begun before starting another.  It is too stressful for me to have too many things in the pot at the same time.  On the other hand, Olivia is just the opposite.  She starts things all the time and hops around from one project to the next.  I kept urging her to finish up this baby quilt she had started for my friend who had recently had a baby boy.  I'm proud to say that he is 6 weeks old now and she finished it and delivered her gift last weekend!  She has a lot of creativity stored up in that brain of hers.

Whats a post without pictures of Micah?  He is all about hats these days and has always loved shoes.  He finds things to dress up in all the time.  His favorite words are "Hi!" said with much exuberance! "Thank you" is another popular phrase.  He says it more like "Dank you!"

Summer is such a relaxing season.  Maybe I feel that way because I'm a Mom and I home school too.  So when the kids finish their school, not only do they take a break but I get time off myself from my teaching role. Even though my full-time job is still "mommying."   
These tomatoes are from my garden.  This is by far the best year I've had  in the last 7 years for tomatoes, anyway.  I can't seem to grow cucumbers or onions and those are much easier than tomatoes.  But I'm still working at it. Go figure?  I am enjoying these tomatoes, I must admit.  These two were some of the first ones I picked.  We had a whole window sill full at a time.  No grocery store tomatoes for me this month.  It's nice to know your efforts are saving in the pocket book area as well!

Well, I'll stop now since this post has taken me much longer than I expected.  I hope you can navigate around with the captions being a bit out of order.
See you next month with more summer fun.