Sunday, November 23, 2008

Separation Anxiety!

Last night, we put Micah in the boy's room to sleep for the first time.  I don't know why I let my boys talk me into this but I did!  I'm not ready to part with my baby sleeping in our room.  We received a crib from a friend yesterday and A.J. put in all together (by himself, I might add) and then proceeded to convince me that it was time for Micah to join the boys!  He is sleeping through the night now and normally I would be fine with this plan.  But for some reason, when I returned to our room and saw the empty bassinet next to our bed, I had some strong mixed feelings!  I complained to my husband and said, "I don't like this, I think I'm having separation anxiety"!  

I think it hit me!  Micah is growing up too fast and I'm not ready for him to move out of the infant stage yet.  Being a mother of five has really taught me a lot and one of the life lessons I've learned is that babies change too fast!  Before you know it their 13!  
I'm savoring every  moment with Micah because I don't know if this will be our last baby or not?  God's ways are not my ways many times and He knows what's best for us.  If this is our last baby, I want to take it all in and enjoy him to the fullest!  I love to hold and gaze at a relaxed baby and it's an added bonus when they are sleeping in your arms! I know the picture above is not of a sleeping Micah but doesn't he look cute and snuggly! He is gazing at you with those big dark eyes of his!
Yesterday our friend, Tony, came over to take pictures of Micah in honor of him being 3 months old.  One of his hobbies is photography and I love looking at his blog to see the pictures he has taken of his own baby girl!  He really knows how to capture the moment and the unique qualities of little ones.  He took over 100 pictures of Micah yesterday and sent us a few to preview.  What do you think so far?
These pictures will be for Christmas so I wanted to dress him in red.  He is my little elf for the month of December!  All 6 of us, plus Tony, were hovered around Micah trying to make him smile.  He sure gets plenty of attention!

Well, that's it for now.  I hope to post more of this photo shoot later when I get the rest of this hour of Micah's life on camera!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Mom's perspective about her daughter

It is a wonderful thing to watch Olivia change and grow-up.  She is our first-born and fits the profile of a first born to a tee!  That means she takes charge of her siblings, has perfectionist tendencies, is very organized and can almost run a home without me!  As you read this list, I'm sure you can see the positives and negatives of being a first born and daughter, no less! I'll focus on the good attributes in this blog entry since I'm sure writing about her weaknesses would be a little too personal!

Olivia loves to give gifts especially home-made things.  She loves to draw and sew!  Just this week she finished a baby blanket for a friend of ours who just had a little boy, cut out the fabric to make herself a dress from the early 1900's time period, and is now working on embroidering a pillow for a friend for Christmas!  These projects keep her busy in between school subjects and on the weekends. This year she and her brother, A.J. are excited to take an art class on Saturdays twice a month.  A friend of ours who works for Gospel for Asia, used to be an art teacher.  He is giving lessons to a group of about 10 students. It's so neat the way God provides as we were praying about this!

Olivia has made many friends at Gospel for Asia through the intern program.  They are all much older than her (between 18-25) but she seems to fit in and have things in common with them.  I am so grateful as her mother that godly girls so much older will take time to pray with her, eat lunch with her and include her in some of their activities.  GFA has a year long intern program that attracts girls (and guys) from all over the U.S. in the age range above.  They serve at GFA and also visit the field (India) to see the work that God is doing there!  They spend a whole year growing in their walk with the Lord and serving in the ministry.  Olivia says she wants them to feel welcome and seems to almost always get close with the girls.  I think she is like the little sister that they miss from home! 

 Last weekend, she decided to cook dinner for a house of intern girls and have them over to play games and eat.  She cooked a fabulous spaghetti dinner all by herself (except I made the garlic bread) and A.J. made the dessert.  Julia and I cleaned the house.  The guys built a fire in the fire place and it was so cozy!  Turns out that two of the girls were home schooled so it was good to talk to them about their experiences with their families and education.  I'm always interested in what adult home schooled young people have to say about how they were educated! It was an evening to remember with a fun game, great conversation and it ended with A.J. and Julia performing a hysterical skit!  I wish I had pictures or a video to show you!  Oh well, you'll just have to ask me about it sometime!

Some of Olivia's likes and dislikes:

1.  hates melted cheese and mushrooms. 
2.  loves to vacuum but hates to dust. 
3.  rock music makes her cringe but she loves classical 
4.  the only pants you might see her in are pajama pants
5.  loves flowing skirts and dresses
6.  no desire to wear make-up and hates it when her cheeks are red
7.  likes to wear her hair down and curly in the winter but up on top of her head in the summer
8.  any type of mexican food is her favorite
9.  She adores children and wants 10 kids!
10.  She hates a messy room and loves to organize and get rid of stuff!

Anyway, these are just a few things I've noticed about Olivia lately.  She is at that in between stage of still being a girl but turning into a lovely young lady!  I feel like she is becoming something wonderful right before our eyes.  I'm sure many of you have been here before as moms, watching your children grow daily, changing in so many ways.  We are blessed and thankful for Olivia but also know that life is fragile and prayers are needed.  There are times of struggle that come with adolescence.  May God grant me wisdom to lead, train and disciple her!  The magnitude of it all is overwhelming and yet God is doing a work in all of us!

Renee is a GFA intern and has decided to join staff so she will be returning to Mariposa, California to raise support before moving back to TX to work at Gospel for Asia.  She and Olivia have become good friends since she has been here this year.

Our children with some of Olivia's intern friends that we had over this past weekend. Introducing Emily, Ruth, Carly and Renee!  I think you know the rest!

Playing in the river in one of the dresses she made.

This past summer we had Ruth, Sarah and Genevieve over before their internship was over.  We miss them!  Ruth (on the far left) is staff so she is a constant in Olivia's life!
Olivia and her good friend Sarah.  She interned last year and is now back in Ohio where she is from.  She and Olivia e-mail each other and call every now and then.  We hope she will come back for a visit soon!
Olivia will hold Micah any chance she gets!  She is learning so much about being a mommy.  She can actually put Micah to sleep better than me! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Terms of Endearment

Baby clothes are so creative and cute these days!  I had just nursed Micah to sleep the other night and put him down to bed.  I just had to get a shot of his little "hiney".  

I just happened to take this picture at the right moment!  Micah's tongue is always out these days so A.J. decided to join him!

Why do we feel the need to call our babies anything but their real names?  I think I do it because it helps me express my love for Micah.  As our pastor's wife would say, "There is so much sugar in those cheeks! I just need some sugar!"  Almost always when Rich is holding Micah he say, "I just want to squeeze you!"  They are so lovable at this age!  Micah is 11 weeks old.  He has a different name everyday!  Some of them are. . . peanut, Micah moo-moo (not sure why? I'm the cow, not him), snuggle bug, snort (he snorts as he inhales when he cries), Reece calls him bud or buddy, and Olivia calls him precious.  I'm sure there will be more terms of endearment in Micah's future.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Micah's First Day of School

When all the other kids went to bed, Micah got 
his first school lesson.  Not to brag or anything,
but I think he may be in the genius league (you'll
have to watch to understand why).