Saturday, November 1, 2008

Micah's First Day of School

When all the other kids went to bed, Micah got 
his first school lesson.  Not to brag or anything,
but I think he may be in the genius league (you'll
have to watch to understand why).


Chrys and Mike said...

kristen, it was so great to meet you this morning. thank you for being so welcoming and encouraging. i really enjoyed visiting with you.

our boys have a lot to learn about sitting still and being quiet during church! they'll get there.


kristin said...

Thanks Chrys! It was great talking with you too! I felt an instant connection with you because you remind me of someone but i can't figure out who? :) I really hope you guys come again. My husband and I would love to visit more with you guys over lunch.

You are doing an awesome job with your boys! They are very cute and will learn very soon about sitting still in church. Be encouraged! The best thing to do is to start teaching them at home to sit for a short time and then increase it as they catch on. They'll get it.

Hope we meet again!

Porter Family said...

I finally got the chance to go back and look at this video! How adorable is that! Thanks for sharing your life's such a treasure to look in even if from a distance.