Thursday, July 26, 2012

What is the Normal Life?

I've been wrestling with this question lately and finally feel like I've had an "Ah Ha!" moment.  The truth being, I've felt the Lord explaining it to me over the past few weeks.  What is the normal life?  I've been wanting one, not realizing I had it all along.

I thought the normal life was one of ease.  When I look around I see people vacationing, buying bigger homes, and planning parties.  None of these things are bad necessarily depending on what you are seeking but I was desiring an easier life.  Let's face it, managing a home, schooling 4 children, and disciplining two toddlers day in and day out, is hard work. I was tired and we went on vacation.  This gave me the bug to stay on vacation!  I came home and decided I needed a simpler life.  I gave up a few tasks that were burdening me and decided I wanted to be normal.  My 3 year old was acting out (constantly) and I began to seek an easier life.  Maybe if I gave him everything he wanted instead of disciplining him, we would see some peace in our home.  No way!  That's not the ticket and my conscience told me so.  Maybe if I lock myself in my room, no one will bother me!  NOT!  Maybe if I leave the older kids in charge, I could just go shopping all day.  Isn't that what NORMAL people do?

Finally one morning, God gave me a chance to come to Him about it (the baby slept in).  As I began to spill my burden, He showed me, I'm seeking an easier life.  Ok, yes Lord, I do want an easier life! A normal life is not what I'm seeking but an easier life.  One of relaxation and ease. Hummm, something to ponder.

 That night after a day of craziness and chaos at home, Rich stayed home with the two little ones and let me go to prayer night alone.  The speaker began sharing about being tired and wanting the train to stop so he could get off.  Wanting to live a normal life like everyone else and just retire!  My ears perked up, because through his words I was seeing myself. Wasn't I just talking to God about this this morning?   The Christian life is never easy, he said.  The straight and narrow path always involves sacrifice. Choosing the right way (when there is a choice) is never easy.  There is usually effort involved and this means giving up your own desires for someone else, knowing God will bless it in the end.

I had the normal life all along.  A cluttered house, children who fight, and endless errands, laundry, and selfish moments. . . but with Jesus, I can do all things who strengthens me!  The good news is that I'm on the right road and He is always ready to take my burdens and carry them for me. 

 I'm so grateful to be a part of a community that helps me to re-focus. 

I'm thankful for the Spirit that changes us day by day into a more selfless people.

I'm thankful for a God who knows my every need and provides for me the emotional lift I need.

I'm thankful for so much!


P.S. The following are some pictures from Levi's first Birthday

Don't you just love recycled toys?  This one was in the shed from when Micah was little and we brought it out on Levi's Birthday and he loves it.  It's great because both boys can sit at it together.

We decided to have all of Levi's favorite food at his party.  So we were all eating finger foods until the pizza came!

Anthony decided that babies get food on their faces when they eat so he should too.
Pretty comical!

Notice the pizza sauce on Julia's nose.

This is Hannah Swan but we call her Swannie.  She is a wonderful friend from the School of Discipleship Program at Gospel for Asia.

Rebecca is living with us for the month of July.  She has been a true blessing to have around.  Always ready to help.  She is a college intern who is volunteering at Gospel for Asia.

Levi isn't quite sure what to do with this candle but he sure was fascinated by it.  He really loved it when we all sang to him.

Anna is another School of Discipleship student and I love her because she loves to spend time with Micah. She has the gift of encouragement which I love as well!

Aldo is also a School of Discipleship student and he is just awesome.  He loves kids too and is going to be a great father someday!

On the verge of walking!  Oh no, then what will I do?