Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recent, random pictures

Levi is 2 1/2 months old now and really likes to make eye contact and smile at you.  Mornings are his best time.  He is almost laughing.  Funny how we aren't born able to do all these things at once.
He is waiting for some sort of entertainment.  " Do something, Mom, to make me laugh.  The more ridiculous the better!"

We went to Ft Worth this last weekend to be tourist since my sister-in-law was visiting Texas for the first time.  Ft Worth is a popular town known for it's downtown Stockyards which consist of shops, restaurants, rodeo facilities and the famous daily cattle drive.  Micah had fun checking out this statue.

Julia (11) and Anthony (13) on the train.  

This is Rich with one of his sisters.  They have lots of fun memories together since they were the last two out of 6 children in their family.  I called them "thing 5" and "thing 6" !  Lisa showers us with her generous spirit whenever we are with her so she calls herself " the favorite auntie".  It's always tricky to see if you can pay for anything in her presence.  Rich had fun sneaking out to the store to buy her some things she had wanted and of course, she had a fit when he returned!  Ha!

Dominic is now playing baseball with his best friend.  He has had a crash course in the game this past month and is doing pretty well.  Many home schooling kids seem to lack knowledge of basic recreational games like baseball, football, soccer and volleyball.  Things we learned in P.E. class are not taught so we have to look for ways to expose them to these activities.  Dominic loves sports so we decided he needed to use his abilities and he chose baseball.

It took Micah a little while to warm up to Auntie Lisa but in the end she won his heart just like she has all our kids.  She used reverse psychology and told him not to kiss her, so he did, of course!

Olivia with her Dad

Levi is totally bored with baseball.  He just sleeps the whole time or snacks.

Uncle Bart and Dominic with Aunt Lisa.  Micah called Uncle Bart, Uncle Bark! So cute!

Brandon and Dominic.  These two are inseparable when they are together .   Brandon is a big reason why Dominic wanted to play baseball in the first place.