Sunday, November 2, 2008

Terms of Endearment

Baby clothes are so creative and cute these days!  I had just nursed Micah to sleep the other night and put him down to bed.  I just had to get a shot of his little "hiney".  

I just happened to take this picture at the right moment!  Micah's tongue is always out these days so A.J. decided to join him!

Why do we feel the need to call our babies anything but their real names?  I think I do it because it helps me express my love for Micah.  As our pastor's wife would say, "There is so much sugar in those cheeks! I just need some sugar!"  Almost always when Rich is holding Micah he say, "I just want to squeeze you!"  They are so lovable at this age!  Micah is 11 weeks old.  He has a different name everyday!  Some of them are. . . peanut, Micah moo-moo (not sure why? I'm the cow, not him), snuggle bug, snort (he snorts as he inhales when he cries), Reece calls him bud or buddy, and Olivia calls him precious.  I'm sure there will be more terms of endearment in Micah's future.

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Lazy D Ranch said...

Beautiful picture Kristin!