Sunday, June 28, 2009

Slip-n-Slide fun!

A few weeks ago we went to lunch at our friend's house on a very hot summer Saturday.  Our friend, Rich Hume, had bought a slip-n-slide for the kids to play around on and cool off.  Actually I think it was more for him.

Rich (again this is not my husband, Rich, but our friend) is a big kid at heart.  Our kids love to be with him because he is just a fun-loving kind of guy!  Here he is letting Reece spray him down.  It was really hot and he had just got done barbecuing our lunch!  Not an easy task when it's already 100 degrees outside!

This is how we Texans get cool in the summer.  Especially us older folks.  
This is Rich and Renee's house on wheels.  They live in a 5th wheel with maybe about 300 square feet to work with.  It has worked out great for them the past few years but recently they had a baby.  Little Jesse has been added to the picture and so in a few months they are planning to settle down a little more and do something else.

This is Jesse's room.  Some of you might be thinking, "wow, no way could I do live like that" but there is a whole group of people out there who wish they could live like this.  Talk about living simply!  You really can't acquire "stuff" you don't need.  Sometimes, nothing but the basics, is really a lot easier to manage.  And. . . there is no mortgage not to mention a lot less to clean!

So let me explain there situation a little more.  Rich works for a roofing company and gets business by following the storms.  So since Texas is notorious for hail storms, they have been sent here for a few months.  When the storms move north, they will follow. We've known them for about 8 years.  We used to go to church together when we both lived in Colorado.

This was before Micah decided to climb on top of Jesse and try to sit with him.

Jesse just objected by crying instead of fighting back.  What a good baby!
I would have bopped him one if someone my size decided to sit on me!

This is Rich Hume trying to be a kid again.  He bruised a rib doing this. He was great entertainment, anyway. He said he was ok, it only hurt when he breathed.

Jesse was not as gung-ho about all the water like his Dad was.

Us moms knew better and we stayed in the shade. This is Renee with Jesse.

Micah cruised right down the slide and stuck his face in the sprinkles of water.

Proud dads introducing their sons.

Silly kids drinking the water.

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Porter Family said...

It's so great to see these pictures. I haven't seen the Humes in such a long time. It's great to see familiar faces and to see the new addition to their family. What a blessing! Thx for sharing...