Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Christmas Eve

I have not forgotten about the blogging world. I'm finding it harder and harder to find the time to sit and write these days. I have so many pictures and events to share with you since I last posted about my brother on Dec. 6th! Has it really been that long? The last few weeks I have been focused on the new year and the goals I hope to reach in 2010. I intend to share some with you later. For now, I've given our blog a new look and am posting a few pictures to keep my readers checking in with me!

We actually had a very blustery and snowy Christmas Eve! The first for Texas since 80 years ago! It tends to lightly snow here once, maybe twice a year if we are lucky but not for 80 years has it snowed on Christmas!

This picture is too cute! This was earlier in the day when it was a rain/snow mix. You know the point where the rain is turning to snow and the kids realize it! They all bundled up and ran outside to feel it, experience it and just plain "be" in it!

See the excitement! Reece's hands look cold. Texans aren't prepared for days like this.

AJ all bundled up.

Who is that girl with her tongue hanging out? Olivia! It's starting to accumulate!

Enough for a snowball! He must have ran inside and found his gloves!
Good boy!

Looks like we just might have a white Christmas!
Actually it started snowing around noon but didn't stick for along time.

It snowed all day Christmas Eve and stuck later in the day. We got about 3 inches. The kids were checking outside all evening long to make sure it was still coming down.

We enjoyed our Advent Wreath and Rich talked about the prophesies in the Old Testament that led up to the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. It is so glorious how Christ came to this earth and how many of those prophesies were fulfilled in His coming!

We let each of the kids open a gift and it's usually something they can enjoy that night. Like Pajamas or new slipper socks.

This is Micah's new PJ's. He was so thankful that he went around kissing and hugging us all over and over!

His new PJs were from his Grandma but she wasn't here so he thanked us all instead.

Christmas is so fun with a toddler, especially a "white" Christmas!

More pictures to come when I have more time. Although. . . do any of us "have" more time? For some reason I think I'll need to "make" the time! Hey, another goal for 2010!

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