Saturday, March 20, 2010

Micah's Drinking Problem

Micah is so cute these days and we are fully enjoying him. He gets a lot of attention. I hope that's a good thing. Some people think that when you have a large family, then the more kids you have, the less attention they will get. You can't possibly spread yourself out equally among them all, right? I say, the more you have, the more attention is paid to each one because there are more people in the family to spend time with. They are never alone but always with someone. We don't have TV so we spend our evenings playing together and mostly laughing at Micah.

I love so many things about him. I really hope I remember all of this when he is older so that I can tell him what he was like as a toddler. My older children love hearing about themselves when they were younger. Here are 10 new things that I love about Micah:

1. I love the way he smiles and runs in place when the music begins.
2. I love it when he claps after a hymn is sung at church
3. It is absolutely adorable when he raises his hands during worship just like those he sees around him worshiping.
4. I love it when he folds his hands to pray after he has already started eating. We all finally sit down at the table to say grace, so he drops his spoon and folds his hands too. But he usually sneaks food during the prayer time.
5. I love it when he says "Oh!" with great inflection in his voice.
6. He has just started blowing kisses to us which is way cute. He kisses his hand and then throws it out in the air.
7. I love it when he sits on the step of our sunken living room and pats the spot next to him signaling that he wants me to sit next to him.
8. I love it that he sits and reads books, babbling off and on, just as if he is reading. Usually the book is upside down but he doesn't care.
9. I love it when he plays peek-a-boo by covering his eyes with his hands and then peeking through his fingers.
10. I love it when he coughs and sputters when taking a drink of water with no lid and then goes back for more!

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Elicia said...

the whole family laughing in the background is so fun! love it :)