Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter blessings

We have had a very cold winter but especially the past week.  We are now going on our 4th day of being basically house bound.  We had an ice storm on Monday night so Tuesday morning we woke up to pure ice covering everything.  It looked like snow but is not soft.  When you step on it, you do not sink. . . at all!  You slip unless you are careful because it's a thick, inch of ice!  The schools are closed, gfa is closed and even some of the grocery stores closed for a period of time.  The roads are covered in ice and we have not had any temps above 20* since Monday.  We've lived here for 8 years almost, and never have we experienced this before.  Tonight and tomorrow morning snow is predicted.  Maybe I'll get some pictures soon.  It's just been too cold to even step outside with a camera.

I am actually a home body by nature and like the break from having to keep a steady pace with society.  We have had some fun family times with lots of reading involved.  I think one of my favorite places is in front of a blazing fire, a cup of tea or coffee in hand and a good book either being read aloud or privately.  We finished a book we've been reading aloud for about 2 months now, called Caddie Woodlawn.  It's a true story about a little girl who grew up as a pioneer in the woods of Wisconsin.  We thoroughly enjoyed it!  So much detail of the landscape, seasonal changes, and crazy adventures that children have when left to run free in the woods along the river.

Of course, I had to read to Micah a book I grew up with called Snow.  He quickly took it away from me and began to pretend he was reading instead of me.  He planted himself in my lap still wearing his snow hat that he is attached to these days.  Once we put it on him, he doesn't want it taken off.

My Mom probably remembers reading this book to me! I plan on passing down a lot of books to my children when they are grown.  I've been collecting some of my favorites.

I wish I had more pictures to share of our reading times or the winter ice outside, but I don't.  

Last night we put Micah to bed fairly early and all gathered in the living room to read around the fire.  Some had hot cider and some hot tea.  It was one of those moments that I had to treasure.  All my children except for Dominic Reece (9 yrs) loves to read.  We haven't given up instilling this love into him yet.  Anyway, the other 3 all had books they were engrossed in and we sat in silence with just the sipping of drinks and the crackling of the fire, reading.  I had to laugh a few times because the book I'm reading was so comical!  I'm reading The Hawk and the Dove by Penelope Wilcock.  Just listen to this:

In the pew behind ours sat Mrs. Crabtree; a tall, well-built, energetic, silver-haired lady in her middle seventies.  She had borne six children in her time, and was still motherly through and through, wise and kind, with a rich, ready laugh.  Unfortunately her singing was more out of tune than any I have ever heard before or since, and I set my teeth to endure as the organist struck up for the first hymn.

I love the way this author writes and her insights about life throughout the story are powerful.  I've read this book before a few years ago, but it's so good that I'm reading it again.

Tonight we found an old box of transparencies with some youth group songs on them and Rich is re-living his days as a worship leader for high school youth group and camps.  Funny, all the songs you forget about it.  As soon as your hear the tune again, you remember all the words and how it goes.  Some of them are really good but some are dorky.  So we've been singing for the kids and they are just laughing at us. Remember the song Pass it On?

I'll shout it from the mountain top, I want the world to know
The Lord of love has come to me, I want to pass it on

Our pipes froze yesterday at the kitchen sink.  I was doing dishes and realized I had no cold water.  Not the end of the world but certainly something we could not ignore and wish away.  We didn't know which pipe was frozen so we called a friend who is so knowledgeable about these types of things.  Just by asking a few questions he was certain it was an indoor pipe directly under the sink.  We called another friend who lives a few blocks away and asked if he had a space heater we could borrow.  Within a few minutes the kids and Rich had walked over on the icy streets to their house to pick it up and it only took about an hour to have water again.  I was filled with awe at how God takes care of his children and thankful for such good friends that we've been blessed to know.

Here are our first pregnancy pictures taken this time around.  I'm 14 weeks here and feeling great.

There is nothing cuter than a little child kissing his mommies belly in anticipation of a baby someday.

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