Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Putting the Lodi Stamp on our New Home

I realized I'm really into resourcefulness. I love to take old things
and turn them around into something useful. Why buy new when you can recycle something old and give it new life!  I would actually classify this as a hobby of mine. 

Since moving recently to a new house with all kinds of new features, I've gotten to practice my resourcefulness.  There are many changes we want to make around here and one was our mailbox.  It was this ugly purple color. Instead of buying a new one, I dug out of my cupboard all the non-washable paints that I could find for my artistic daughter to create something beautiful with.  

 We looked at a bunch of decorated mailbox ideas online and picked this bicycle picture in front of a white picked fence.  Julia practiced painting it on a paper plate first.  It's easy for her to sketch almost anything with pencil but quite another to use paints.

 This is how it came out on the actual mailbox.  

My other daughter really hated the purple still and felt we should get rid of it.  Plus we wanted to do something else on the other side.

So I found some more paint out in the garage and she painted the whole thing plus added flowers and our name to the other side.

Not bad for an amateur artist.  I think she should start her own business taking old mailboxes and making them new!

I love giving projects like this one to my kids.  It gives them something constructive to do.  Anthony's project was to hang a tire swing (previous post) and this was Julia's project, to paint me a new mailbox! I'd say she did a pretty good job.

This afternoon I gave her another project, refinishing our porch swing.  Once we get it hung up to show how resourceful we've been, I'll post about it.  Stay tuned!

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