Friday, April 17, 2009

God's Interruptions

The Lord is so good.  I just have to say it.  I am overwhelmed today with how many blessings are bestowed upon me daily. God seems to give me just what I need, when I need it most.  Some days I don't even recognize his goodness. Like today, most of my family is gone and I got to spend the day with just Micah and Reece.  This is a rare occasion for sure!  Right now, Micah is sleeping and Reece is playing in the backyard with the neighbor boy.  Quiet moments at my house where there is time to relax are almost non-existent except for when it's time for bed. How many times do little blessings fall on me without me realizing it? I'm sorry, God, for not recognizing your goodness and taking the time to acknowledge you in all things.

Everything that happens during our day is ordained by God.  A spontaneous visit from a friend, a phone call from someone unexpected, a baby waking up early from a nap, bad weather that changes our plans, the list could go on and on.  Are we so caught up with our itinerary that we cannot see the beauty in these interruptions? 

I guess it's easier to see the hand of God when things go better than expected.  Like for me today.  I had no idea that Julia was going to spend the day at a quilting class at church until last night when a friend offered to pick her up.  I didn't realize that Micah would take a third nap (he never does this anymore) and that I would have time to get supper ready ahead of time.  I didn't count on the neighbor boy coming over looking for Reece to see if he could play.  So here I am, praising God for time to just ponder His goodness.

It's much harder to appreciate God's intervention in our lives when those unexpected events appear to us to be interruptions.  Last night I went to a monthly Ladies Meeting that GFA puts on once a month.  One of the gems I brought home with me was that God wants to train our character.  How does He do this? He puts pressure on different areas to challenge us.  He wants to show us our lack in Christlikeness so that we will willingly cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  

Knowing and becoming are not the same.  We know how we ought to be.  We are to become what we know.  God is after our "becoming" so that we can walk worthy of our calling!  Maybe you have heard all this before (I know I have) but God is meeting me where I'm at right now so it seems profound! He has been putting pressure of me lately in many areas but I haven't seen it as a blessing.  My perspective needs to change.  I will not see Biblical results if I have the wrong mindset.  

God met me last night and I am so grateful for His intervention.  His input in my life is my ultimate desire.  Nothing can compare with Christ's guidance especially when you know you need it!


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