Sunday, August 30, 2009

Micah turns 1 year old

I wanted to start this entry posting a picture of Micah when he was first born. Ok, this isn't the day he was born but maybe a few days later after he had better color. He came out so puffy and a little bruised that I really don't like many of those pictures we took the first day.

But this picture is so precious with him resting his chin in his hand. He has changed so much since then! I miss the baby, baby stage already!

Below are some pictures of his first birthday. We had so much fun shopping for him and decorating the house. He had no idea, of course, what was going on but that's ok. Sometimes we do nice things for others because it makes us happy, don't you think?

Here he is finding his presents. What do you think he went for first? The ball, of course!

He loves balls of any size. Isn't that a boy for ya! He pushed it around the room, banged on it and squealed with delight. I think he would have been more than pleased if we would have stopped right there.

He caught on real quick that he was supposed to rip the paper.

The girls and I spent hours looking for the perfect present for him. We even went to two stores to find it. We wanted the Hokey, Pokey Elmo doll but couldn't bring ourselves to spend the money on it once we found it. After all, it was $60! He had seen it on our trip to Colorado and had loved it. Elmo sings the hokey, pokey and dances at the same time.

We found this Leap Frog puppy, named Scout, who sings and talks when you push on his paws. It's absolutely darling and you can even program it to say and spell your own child's name!

It was a third of the price of the Elmo doll so we grabbed it and couldn't wait to give it to him. Here he is dancing with it!

He really liked it!

Olivia had the idea of making popsicles for Micah's birthday since he liked them so much in Colorado. This is a pineapple, mango, banana popsicle.

First bite . . .

Wow, that's cold! You want me to eat this?

I'm not so sure.

He finally did eat about half of it but I can't say it was a real hit. Maybe he isn't a tropical fan?

I am enjoying Micah so much these days. He is talking up a storm even though we haven't been able to figure out a word. He holds onto my skirt and walks behind me around the kitchen. He hasn't figured out how to walk yet by himself but that is fine with me. I'm in no hurry. He likes to stand at the shoe basket and throw all the shoes out onto the floor and make a big mess. What is it with babies and stuff scattered all over?

I'm enjoying his pudgy little legs and bare feet on my kitchen floor. He pulls himself up and stands on his tippy little toes to reach a drawer that has all my plastic bags in it that I save to re-use and what does he do? He pulls them all out and then crawls away. That's ok, I love watching him and wonder what he is thinking when he explores.

My favorite time with him is bedtime when he lays his head on my shoulder with his pacifier in his mouth and blanky under his head. He pats my back as I pat his. Children are such a blessing from the Lord. I can't thank Him enough for this special little one he has given me!


tony and teressa said...

Happy Birthday Micah! Ava has the Tad frog version of the puppy and Elmo Live! (both courtesy of grandparents) and she likes Tad better and dances and claps along with the music. Elmo only gets drug by his arm around the house and now he makes funny noises when you turn him on. . . So good choice with the birthday gift. :o)

Elicia said...

happy birthday! oh my goodness, he's getting so big!