Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Hair--chop,chop!

Well here are some "before" pictures. Olivia has beautiful, thick, naturally wavy hair. She likes it long in the summer so she can pull it back and wear it up off her neck. I caught her with it down in this picture. She has been having consistent head-aches this summer so I suggested we cut her hair to see if it would help. It hurts my head to look at her when she wears all that hair up on top of her head!

I couldn't find a good recent picture of Julia. This is how long her hair had gotten before we cut it. That's the longest she has ever had it and it's even in a pony-tail in this picture.

Here is a cute picture of her way back in the Spring. Once I cut Olivia's off, it was Julia's turn for a trim. She is so easy going that she didn't really care if I cut it or left it long. I decided to cut it but not as short as Olivia's so she could still do girly, girl things with it.

The new hairdo

So . . . here you go Steve (my brother cuts hair as a profession). Pretty simple cut. I don't know how to do layers. Olivia might get some from a more professional hair stylist rather than her mom. Wish my brother lived closer! Her head-aches are still a problem but we are working on solving that ASAP!

Olivia is on crutches in this picture because she got stung my a bee on the bottom of her toe and her foot swelled up something awful. She has since lost the crutches but still has kept the cute "do".

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Elicia said...

i miss olivia's curls! her hair is so beautiful. :)