Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Names for Each Other

We had fun with this recent school assignment. Julia and Reece are learning a little about some of the American Indians who lived 200 years ago. One of their assignments was to come up with names for themselves that best described their personality or character. Example; if you are a great soccer player you might want to be called Lightening Foot. Here's another; if your daughter has one of those personalities that attracts others to her, you might want to call her Magnet.

We laughed and laughed coming up with names that we thought best represented each other. Of course, no one would be named something that they didn't like themselves.

Here is what we came up with:

Big Eyed Boy!

This is Dr. PJ

I know it's kind of a funny name but it's what Reece wanted. We gave him this name because he wears his pajamas every chance he can get.

Whistling Brook
(Julia whistles constantly and very well, I might add)

White Teeth
AJ is always noted for his smile!

Sick Head
Ok, I know this doesn't sound like a complement but she wanted this name! She has been having headaches so please pray we can figure out the cause and get rid of them.

Mother Woman

Bald One
Do I need to explain?