Saturday, October 10, 2009

While I'm Away, the Children will Play!

Olivia has decided to become a photographer. I'm not sure what that might look like in her future but for now, it means she likes to fool around with our camera. I think she got some great pictures of these flowers at a local nursery she visited recently.

I will talk about my trip to visit my parents in Idaho later. For now I wanted to post these fun pictures of what the kids did with Rich while I was gone.

Looks to me like they had fun without me.

A new nursery/produce market had an open house event where there was face painting and pumpkin decorating.

Can you see the dolphin?

Reece must have chosen this soccer ball. Sports really represents his personality these days.

They got to take these home for free so I have three happy pumpkins with their own personalities sitting in my house just waiting to be baked!

I just love this one!

More pictures taken by Olivia.

It is so wonderful that God created such beautiful flowers for us to enjoy. They seem to have different traits of their own just like we do. What a GREAT God we serve! Who can fathom his ways? He created this for us to enjoy knowing what we would find enjoyable. There are no flaws in what He created although we might argue about what is perfect and what isn't. Are you enjoying His creation this fine Fall? Take time to notice the small things and let me know what you find enjoyable.

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Elicia said...

olivia's pictures are beautiful!