Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Micah's Cute Antics

Micah is adorable these days and so I just have to write about it. I know I'll forget this stage of his life even though I would probably deny being able to! He is so much fun that I wouldn't dream of forgetting but I know myself too well. So I want to record some of what makes him so special to me and the cute antics I find him doing.

Micah is 14 1/2 months old right now and he is curious about everything. He wants to touch it all and then taste it too. I don't think he can touch something without tasting it also! Everything he puts his little hands on goes straight to his mouth. This is the stage where I have to be on my toes, knowing where he is every minute. He loves to get a hold of pencils and chew off the erasers!

He will quite often have both hands full and then have something hanging out of his mouth too. His mouth is like a third hand and he uses it to carry things from place to place!

Micah loves to snuggle and give kisses. He loves to pat me on the back when he lays his head on my shoulder. We can tell he likes to get cozy with us because once he has gotten us to pick him up, he will snuggle right in and lay his head on our shoulder and then kick his feet in pure pleasure of getting what he wanted. Some lovin'!

Did you put this dog on my head?

Hey, this is kind of fun!

My friend made this little rocking chair for Micah when he was born with his name on it.
He is now old enough to crawl into it and sit. Although most of the time he sits in it backwards like this and looks out the window.

Gotta love those overalls and two feeties!

This is the face he makes when he is being goofy. It looks like he is blinking and I missed the shot but really he is doing that on purpose. It's kind of the same as when your toddler doesn't smile naturally when you ask him to smile for the camera!

Micah is very smilie. He reminds me of AJ in this way. It doesn't take much to get him to smile at you (unless you have a camera in front of your face!).

Here he is again holding two things plus something in his mouth and he is making that goofy face again for the camera. What a clown!

I have to say that he loves to whisper. If I start to whisper he will whisper babble. It is so cute. It's like he is telling you a secret but doesn't know how to really talk English yet. This morning he was drinking his bottle. He would take a break and get right in front of my face and whisper to me a babble secret and then he would lean in and give me a kiss. Then he would take another drink of his bottle and repeat it all over again. I could have sat there forever enjoying him!

I think this is my favorite stage of babyhood and yet I've said that about them all so far!

I hope to post some video soon as proof of his wonderfulness!

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oh he is SO adorable!