Friday, October 16, 2009

CDA, Idaho trip

Two weeks ago, I packed up and flew to Idaho to spend a week with my parents. Julia got to go with me this time and of course, Micah. Because it's so costly for a family to fly, each time I go, I take one of the older children with me. It works out to my benefit too since they are a great help when we travel. So this was Julia's first time to go see her Grandparents in their new home.

It was nice to go this time not just to vacation but to be of some use. My Mom had a hip replacement on one side and she had been home for a week when we showed up. She was up and around but still not able to do much on her feet at one time. I cooked the meals, did all their laundry and ironed as much as I could. I know what it feels like to be laying around not able to do all the things staring you in the face!

I have to say that it was fun to have a purpose for being there. When I came home and found myself doing those same chores for my family, I realized how much pleasure comes from serving those outside your immediate family. I figured it out, it's because my parents were so appreciative of every little thing I did! Not that my own family doesn't appreciate me but they aren't so verbal about it like my Mom was. I'm reminded again that my love language is encouraging words. And you know, if I need to hear kind words more often then maybe I should be dishing them out as well!

Since my Mom wasn't able to go out much and needed rest, we did a lot with my Dad. Dad took us grocery shopping, did all the dishes after I cooked, and stayed up late with us playing games, and worked on our traditional jigsaw puzzle.

Here we are going to an Italian festival at the local fair grounds. The flowers in Idaho were just gorgeous!

The dancing at this place was the attraction. We did also get to eat spaghetti and a meatball sandwich but these girls were something else. Although, it was a little odd to be watching Irish dancing at an Italian festival! I guess I'll chalk it up to small town living?

Micah liked the dancing too. He was happy to just sit in his backpack and eat my meatball sandwich.

This is the puzzle working I was telling you about. Puzzles are so addicting! This was 1,000 pieces and really hard! But we did it with time to spare. We actually completed this one and then started and completed another 250 piece, Peanuts puzzle that Julia picked.
Even though it was 250 pieces it took us a few days to finish it. I wish I had taken a picture of it too.

I just love the scene of this puzzle. There was so much going on.

This is a chocolate, carmel covered apple rolled in pecans! Yum! My Dad bought this for my Mom at the Italian festival. What's Italian about it? I don't know but we devoured it anyway!

Nothing better than playing Racko and eating that apple above! I remember playing this game as a young girl. My Mom doesn't get rid of anything. She even has some of my old childhood books and toys. Julia played with my old Lite Bright and Etch-a-sketch! Remember those?

Micah played with my old rattles, telephone and sqeeze toys!
Some things still come in handy!

All ready for church. I love this picture.

One of the things I like to do with my Dad is go walking. We stuck Micah in the backpack and walked his neighborhood a few times.

My parents are fortunate enough to have this lake within a mile of their house. It's truly a beautiful place in Coeur d'Alene with all the lakes around.
Funny how kids just gravitate to water and sand. Even though it was cold, Julia wanted to stick her feet in the water! Burrrr!

Dad didn't like this picture of him but I think he looks so handsome!

Micah peeking out from his hood.

I couldn't get him to look at me. Too much new stuff to explore!

My cute little Julia. She was such an amazing help to me on this trip. I couldn't have done it without her.

Well, one of these days maybe our whole family will be able to go visit Mom and Dad but for now. . . we'll take these fun little trips and enjoy what we can.

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