Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bluebonnet season!

This is the Texas state flower, called a bluebonnet. Aren't they pretty! I just did a little research and learned that it is legal to pick our state flower but is not encouraged. It ruins their ability to reseed and keep growing wild if you pick them and they only last about an hour once picked if you do.

This is a field next to our church. The bluebonnets grow wild along freeways and in deserted fields. If you click on this picture to see Micah closer you'll see a big grin on his face. There is something about a field of bluebonnets that makes you want to run!

And not worry about your pants falling down! Not a care in the world!

Let's race! It was a contagious feeling of freedom to be among wildflowers!

Then, once you are out of breath, you just have to sit down in them!

Or lay down and dream!

I was so bummed that AJ wasn't with us this afternoon. He had been invited to a friends house to play after church. He reassured us that he had more fun than we did running around in bluebonnets.

Michael Frye stood in for AJ. He is our new adopted son. He just moved here from Florida to work at GFA with Rich. He hangs out with us quite often now and is fitting in with our family really well. As you can see, he is taking AJ's place in this photo!

This is a nice place to take a nap!

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Porter Family said...

These pictures are so beautiful Kristen!