Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visit to the Arboretum

When I look at the flowers, made from above;
It makes me feel this presence of love.
An array of colors surround me,
delicate petals encompass me.

It makes me want to run,
and jump and laugh in the sun.
But it also brings me this feeling of peace;
And freedom that only comes with the breeze.

My family, grandparents, and I, went to the Dallas arboretum for Mothers Day. It was a beautiful day and the trip down there was, I believe, enjoyed to its fullest! I had a hard time not taking too many pictures of every single flower : ) I am amazed at how God came up with this incredible assortment of beauty for all of us to enjoy! It's awesome.

This is mist that came from a small pond in the area where we ate a packed lunch. My dad loved it, and therefore decided that he wanted to take at least 10 pictures of it! Hmmm. . . quite the personality, I'd say. But don't worry, I'll only show you two : )

two hansom, brothers who love each other

This is Corie Anna, a good friend of mine who also came with us. . . I love you, Corie!

I thought this was the strangest flower I've ever seen!! Ever seen anything like this? It is not fake. . .

group picture!

My grandparents with their lovely daughter, my mother.

Julia decided to get her hair cut. Did you notice? I think it is adorable!! This is my wonderful sister. . . I love you too Julia!

This is my mom's favorite picture, so this is for her.

If you ever get a chance to come visit Texas. . . and especially if you want to see us; I would suggest going to the arboretum, where you will be filled with the beauty of it all. It is a great place for refreshment!
And, if you like flowers, I think you will truly enjoy it! Well actually, you kind of have to like flowers, to go there : )

Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoyed it!



Dorinda said...

I DID enjoy it, Olivia! Beautiful pictures and a wonderful write-up. :) I'm glad Corie Anna was able to go with you and so glad you have her as a friend! Enjoy your grandparents!

Porter Family said...


These pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Would you or your parents mind if I use some of your images for worship slide backgrounds?

Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day outing with us!