Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Micah Turns 2

August 16th is Micah's birthday so yesterday he turned 2.  I had nothing huge planned as I usually don't for birthdays.  Quite frankly they stress me out because everyone always throws big parties for their kids and that equals stress in my book. I guess I always feel like I should throw a party but never seem to have the energy or motivation.

    Micah loves balloons so I went down and bought him a balloon bouquet from the grocery store.  He loved it and wouldn't let it go.  We took it to the bathroom with us, to lunch, and almost to bed but I put a halt to that idea!

He was most of the time lost in them or his feet was tangled up in the ribbon.

Here he is with his big sis, Julia.

Julia and Reece are friends with another brother and sister team, their same ages, at church.  Harmony and Arthur were having their birthday party on the same day as Micah's.  It was going to be held at our church and they were inviting the entire family.  So I asked if it would be ok if we brought a cake and had some gifts for Micah too since it was his actual birthday.  They were thrilled with the idea and so was I!  All I had to do was make a cake.

The birthday trio.

I was thrilled with this cake.  I had to find a dairy free/gluten free cake so that Olivia and I could enjoy it too.  I bought a gluten free chocolate cake mix and then a friend gave me a recipe for a peanut butter frosting!  Yum!

I love little hands.

And those big eyes. .  . 

Micah really enjoyed his cake.  He loves sweets.

Micah had a blast with his little friends.  This little girl played with him for hours.
I just happened to get a good shot of them playing peek-a-boo.

After cake, they played chase and Micah laughed and laughed.  He loved it and I was so blessed to see him having so much fun on his birthday!

Here he comes, balloons in hand.

This is Will, another one of Micah's friends.  They play together every Sunday and smile at each other in church because we usually sit in the pew in front of them.

Gift time!  Olivia made Micah a Winnie the Pooh, latch hook pillow.

He doesn't have a pillow so I'm not sure he knew what to do with it.  So I said to him, "Go nite, nite on your new pillow" and this is what he did. . . 

Notice the balloon still in his hand!

He also got a little stuffed monkey and he showed his appreciation by kissing it and then snuggling with it too.

Can you see the little pink monkey under his head?

Our pastor and his wife got him a stuffed puppy dog.

So he was given two new friends.

He decided to love on them both. 

I love that simple things in life excite kids.  I attached this little party blower to his gift and he thought it was great.  He giggled out loud in front of everyone when he figured out how to use it.  

We re-gifted to him a pull toy and some wooden puzzles.  I love re-gifting because that means I don't have to go shopping or spend any money to make my little boy happy.

Micah says, Thank- you for a wonderful birthday to all who made it fun for him.  And now I can focus of Reece's birthday which is tomorrow!

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Chelsey said...

Wish we could have made the party! That was one of the many weeks that the Van was in the shop!!!