Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our crazy July

We had a very rainy 4th of July celebration.  Actually it didn't rain exactly on the 4th but on the 3rd when we were going to go watch fireworks after the Addison air show.  

They predicted rain but we chanced it anyway since you never know in Texas what the weather will actually do.  Of course, it rained like crazy on our drive over there and we had to sit in the car for about an hour saving our spot.  

Hanging out in the car waiting for the rain to stop was quite fun.  We met some friends there who go every year so we are parked next to each other.  It's Texas so of course it was still hot outside and muggy.  The windows got all steamed up.

Just so you get the effect!

Olivia trying not to have fun but it didn't work.

So after awhile we decided to let them out in it.  I wanted them to be sure and use the umbrellas so they wouldn't get too wet but what was I thinking?  Umbrellas are just props for Mary Poppins type fun!

Notice how wet Julia is!

We did get good seats on the lawn to watch the air show.  They boys especially enjoyed the planes.  This is Nathan Crisco, who is AJ's friend.

Some of the planes we enjoyed.

I know nothing about war planes but I do know they are cool.

Julia and her friend, Claire, nice and wet!

Micah loved the planes and the rain.

Here's my 4th of July boy!

Painting the girls room was one of the most labor intensive events of the month.  It's a small room but Olivia wanted polk-a-dots around the top so between her and I it took 2 full days of painting to complete.

This is the completed paint job.  Still need to make the bedspreads we have planned and buy a few decorative items.  Olivia is paying for all this herself so she is redecorating her room in spurts.

Some of her friends showed up one day to help paint for a few hours so that was memorable.  It was tricky to keep Micah out of the bedroom while we painted but with help we did it.  Both she and Julia love it!

Ok, I almost forgot another huge milestone occurred this month!  Yep, you guessed it from the picture above.  Micah is potty trained!  And I would say he pretty much trained himself.  So nice!  I've never had a child so easy to train before.  I did use cloth diapers this time around which may have helped but I don't really know that for sure.  Without sharing all the details of our training, I'll just say it all happened in about a week and now at 23 months old he is running around in the cutest little briefs.  Only a "mother" would find that endearing.

Well, the most eventful event this month has been my niece coming to stay with us for an undetermined time.  This is Rich's sister's daughter, Samantha visiting us from California.  She has never been to Texas before so we've been showing her around and in this picture we introduced her to a TX watermelon.  It was huge and so sweet!  She was so shocked at the size.

Samantha comes to us with a lot of "stuff" to work through.  She has not had an easy upbringing.  But the miracle about it is she is not hard hearted or carrying a lot of anger.

We right away tried to include her in our family and I gave her a night to make dinner each week.  She loves Asian food so she chose Japanese food for her first night to cook.

The miso soup didn't turn out quite right because we couldn't find fish stock but the grilled fish and rice and kimchi was great.  New food for us all.

We've taken her swimming 3 times so far since she's come.  It's so hot here right now that it's about all we can do to survive. This week is running about 105*.  Samantha doesn't like the heat at all so it's been a bit of a trial for her.

I love this picture of these two!  We got to go to a Sara Groves concert just when I needed it most.  It was such a spiritual refreshment to listen to her music and hear the stories behind them.  Samantha loved it as much as Olivia and I did.

Normally I wouldn't have cared about meeting Sara ( I always get tongue tied) but this was important to Samantha and Sara wound up complementing Olivia on her skirt so Olivia was really flattered by it.

Julia and Reece attended a theatrical camp for two weeks.  They loved it and had a performance on the last night.  Reece doesn't look like he is doing much here but he is singing.

Julia (3rd from the left)

Julia had a solo part.  She is on the right.

This musical was called Under God's Sea in 3D.  The rest of us had memorized the music too since they brought the CD home and were practicing it all week.  Samantha especially knew all the words and probably could have sung with them!

Here they are after the performance playing around in the make shift submarine.
Samantha doesn't like her smile so she is always trying to look cool by not smiling but here Rich is making her laugh.

She just couldn't help it!

We bought matching tank tops and wore them together.  Notice the cool look of no smile on Samantha.  She is not convince that she has a beautiful smile yet!21

Trying to make her laugh again, successfully I might add!

Could my smile be any bigger?  Gee Wiz!

Last weekend we went to the Rainforest cafe to just look around.  Samantha had never been before and it had been years since we had too.

Pretty impressive!  Do you see Julia standing at the base of the tree?

This is a fake alligator that moves and looks very real.  You can throw pennies in his mouth when it opens.

Ok, after the rainforest fun we went to Outdoor World to look around.  I didn't get a picture but we got there just as they were feeding the fish.  That's always fun to watch.

Outdoor World has tons of stuffed, but real animals all over the store.  You can touch many of them.

You can almost get lost in this store.  Samantha looks as though she is having a conversation with this deer.

What's an afternoon without lunch at Steak-n-Shake!  Great food especially the burgers and shakes hence the name.

Hope you enjoyed our Crazy July pictures.  Off to August now and I already am accumulating pictures for it!

My verse for this month:  Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up!  Gotta love that one!

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