Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little Decorating for my Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I wanted to go to the Christmas Tree Shop.  This is a store that a friend had told me about and she gave it such high reviews that she claimed it as her favorite store!  I immediately pictured Christmas decorations and had no interest in going there.  That's the last thing I need is more Christmas decor.  But then I started getting the ads for it in the mail and there wasn't one Christmas item in them?  Instead, there was lots of cute and cheap stuff for sale and some of it caught my eye.

Like this bookshelf.  I've been searching for a couple night stands in white that weren't too pricey but also were sturdy so when bumped they wouldn't fall over.  I also wanted it to be more than just a table top but also have some functional purpose.  A drawer would be nice or cupboard or these shelves!

I also got this lantern looking light and it was only $7.  It uses a nightlight type light so it isn't a good reading lamp but creates a nice low light setting.  I thought it would come in handy in the middle of the night when the baby awakens and needs to be fed.

By the way, I have to say that we didn't buy all this stuff ourselves for my birthday but used birthday money sent to me.  I bought this nice floor lamp so I can sit in my chair in our bedroom and read.

And then I found these pretty place mats for only 50 cents each on clearance. They match my kitchen perfectly with the blue and red.

My favorite item that my family bought me are these ducks!  They each picked one to represent themselves and bought them for me!

This is me at 44 years old after my baby's born since you see him or her hanging off my back!

These are the different ones that my children picked.  They are only $2 each for the small ones and $6 for the large ducks that have the babies on them.  I just love this gift because not only is it cute but it has meaning to me.

I don't usually do posts on decorating so I hope this struck you as fun and not meaningless.  I like to think of my style of decorating as "cottage style" and not country but it always seems to look country instead.  I have so many friends whose decorating style is eccentric and they make it work!  I'm not so creative and that style isn't really me anyway, even though I like it.

Oh, did I mention that my husband bought me an apple pie instead of cake for my birthday?  I love pie so much more than cake.  Apple pie and vanilla ice cream is a dreamy dessert!  I'm glad my husband knows me well! He never could have picked out all these decorative items on his own for me but desserts he knows well! 

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Braley Mama said...

Aww!!! Love the ducks :O) Matt is the same way, pie on his birthday :O) Glad you had a great one!