Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Happenings at our Home

Levi is now walking everywhere!  He is so cute at this age (13 months) as he walks slowwwwlyyyy all through the house.  He is very purposeful when he walks. . . one foot at a time, taking special care not to wobble too much lest he fall down on his big, fat, cloth diapered bum.  If you catch his eye as he concentrates on walking, he will flash you a very proud smile.  Too bad I don't have a picture of these moments!  This one will have to do.

Micah is learning good character by earning stickers for his "Well Done!" Chart.  When he earns 20 stickers he gets a treat of some sort.  I've never done this with my children because I don't believe in bribing for good behavior but then again Micah is not like my other children!  You can call it bribing if you want but all I know is there is more peace in our home because of the positive encouragement.  He really digs his sticker chart and for the first 24 hours he didn't get a spanking!  That's success in my book.  Now that it's been a week the newness has worn off but it's still working by reinforcing good behavior.  After all, doesn't God bless us when we obey?  So far in a week he has earned a tasty fruit bar he wanted from the store, a trip to ride his bike and feed the ducks, and a $3 ball and bat set.  Little things make him really happy.  He is learning to say "yes Mom" without arguing and is obeying quickly instead of not at all.  And I'm keeping my sanity! Way to go, Micah!

One other random happening is that I'm on a diet.  I know, I know, dieting doesn't work but I beg to differ.  When you decide to eat better to loose weight and feel better, it's a diet.  I'm not sure why people are afraid to say it.  It's not a fad diet like eating grapefruits for a week.  It's just a sensible way to eat and I'm praying that in the process, I can drop 15 pounds!  After seeing myself in some pictures recently, I decided it's time!  So I'm cutting way back on the carbs, no refined sugar for at least the first 2 weeks and choosing to eat more protein and veggies, fruits and nuts for snacks.  And no more snacking after dinner.  Anyone want to join me for moral support?

I'll spare you the picture of me and my flab but there are pictures of my new haircut all over my FB page if you want to see that.  

Gotta go now, and get back to real life.  Just wanted to check in and let you in a few "happenings around here."


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mamaforhim said...

Wish you lived next door to me!
Faith would adore Julia (even though they are almost 4 years apart! )