Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project Girl

I guess I'm a project girl.  Funny how you can reach 45 years old and still realize new stuff about yourself that you never realized before.  My Mom recently commented at how amazed she is that I can get so many projects done.  It made me think. . .

I do love a good project.  Maybe because when it's completed you feel accomplished.  Or maybe because it gives your day purpose.  It could be that I'm addicted to change.  I've always loved to change the furniture around and do it regularly.  It's like a breath of fresh air.  Change can make something dull and ordinary. . . well, new and different!  It's not always better, but it's different and feels better for the time being.

So I thought I'd blog about a few of my projects.

 We had some much needed foundation work done on the house.  I was out of town when they put in 15 piers to jack up our sinking house.  Rich and the kids had to take down pictures and move furniture for the "jack hammer guys" who were working inside and outside our house.  So when I came home, everything was in disarray not to mention dust was everywhere!  Instead of cleaning and putting it all back together the way it was, we decided to simplify the looks of our home and either get rid of stuff or pack it away in the shed.  We do plan to move in the semi-near future so why not make our home "show ready" now?  You know how when you show a house the experts advise you to clear off your counters and put away pictures and nick-knacks to make it appear clean and simple?  And less stuff is just easier all the way around.  So that's been this weeks project. Here are a few pictures.

This area used to be a lot more cluttered with a spice rack, shelf with hanging mugs and also where we kept all our vitamins.  I like it better now.
This bookshelf was stuffed end to end with books.  I gave some away and packed other up for later when my little boys are older so now I have some free space.

The other project we've all been working on is our front yard.  We are finally keeping up with it.  In the Spring, the kids decided to pull out some unwanted juniper bushes in the second tier which left us with some pretty bare spots.  I picked out a few things to plant there, not wanting anything like flowers that would be high maintenance in the area of watering. Well I'm shocked to report that my sweet potato vines cannot be stopped! The boys are keeping up with the mowing and edging and Rich helps us with the trimming.  I'm trying to be faithful to weed the first tier sections every month so that it will no longer get out of control.

This is the before picture of our house in the Spring when we cleaned things up and planted a few things.

This is now.  Can you see the light colored green vine?

This is another view of the potato vine as it creeps up our stairs.

I also planted this plant with the little purple flowers.  It's called Mexican Heather.  I'm proud to say it is thriving and doing well in full sun with the sprinklers hitting it only twice a week!

Here's a little boy that I planted and he is growing well in the sunshine as well.  He does seem to need a bit more nurturing, though, than the rest!

This you could call an ongoing project.  Cutting my children's hair has always been fun for me but I haven't always done the best job.  I'm learning as the years go by.  My brother was a hair dresser for about 10 years and teaches me a bit here and there when he comes to visit.  He even gave me some nice scissors and helped me pick out some thinning shears as well.  I gave all 4 boys haircuts this weekend.

For years Anthony wanted his hair buzzed like his Dad's.  All of a sudden, he doesn't seem to care and is letting me leave some hair on his head that he actually has to fix if he's leaving the house.

Well, that's about it for now. No more projects on the horizon that I can think of.  I'll take a break for now, until something else hits me that needs attention.  This week we will be working on getting all the laundry done so that we can meet some family for a short vacation.  Who knows, maybe blogging about our time will be the next project I attempt.


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