Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bringing light and comfort to a leper colony

Gospel for Asia sent a group of interns to India for 2 weeks and they returned last week with video footage, slides, and many stories to share.  One of the many cool things they got to do was to hand out gifts at a leper colony!  They shared the video of this event from their recent trip on Tuesday night!  Apparently, some of the money from last years Christmas catalog went towards buying kerosene lamps for those who live in India without electricity.  These lamps are valued much more there than they would be here.  Imagine what your life would be like if you had no light after the sun set!  Anyway, they were able to give a lamp and a mosquito net to some of the lepers in this colony that they visited!  I'm sure it was humbling to pass these out when they themselves did not purchase these gifts for them.  Yes, westerners did actually buy them but to be the recipient of so much thankfulness when you played a very small part is a real privilege! I had never seen someone with leprosy before until this video.  It looks like what you would imagine.  Their limbs are literally rotting away by this disease.  Many had canes to help them walk and special shoes were being made by missionaries to help them out even more.

So along with this story, I wanted to call your attention to the side bar of this blog.  You can click on the Christmas catalog link to see this years catalog or the Gospel for Asia link to visit the website and learn more about what Gospel for Asia is all about!  I can attest that the catalog was beautifully done this year as it was last year!  There are so many interesting pictures of the people from Asia!

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