Sunday, October 12, 2008

Playing Dress-up as a kid!

Look out!  These tough guys have guns!

What a cute cowboy!

A.J. pulled out these jeans from last year and it looks as though we need to go shopping!

These two characters have a damsel to protect!  Don't mess with Julia or you'll have to answer to her two brothers!  Even though Reece is younger than her, he is probably the one who will fight ya!

Can you guess who is the clown in our family?

Julia is all girl and loves the prairie days just like most 8 year old girls.

Remember playing dress-up as a kid?  The times I remember dressing up was at Halloween.  I was never anything evil or bad for I grew up in a Christian home and never had a desire to imitate the dark side of life.  I have pictures of my friends and I as Hobos and another year we were cowgirls and Indians.  It was most fun to dress up together with friends.  

When our children were very little and we were introducing the idea of dressing up at Halloween, we were convicted of celebrating this holiday even in a very benign way.  We follow Christ and all he represents.  How could we participate in such a dark holiday that glorifies witches, ghosts and monsters?  Jesus says, come out from among them and be ye separate.  There are so many passages in the Bible that speak of fleeing evil and encourage believers to imitate Christ not the world.  What would Jesus think of Halloween?  Well, you guessed it, we decided Halloween was not for our family.  That was a hard decision to make and it took us a few years to finally give it up all together.  I had many fond memories of dressing up and I love Fall and the cooler weather.

But many times, when God asks us to give up something for Him, he replaces it with something better!  This has happened to me multiple times and I'm always grateful to draw closer to Christ.  We have such a loving Father in the Lord!  The "better" about this decision to give up Halloween was that God showed me through some great friends that dressing up can be done all year long!  I had several friends who had a big chest and were filling it with dress-up clothes and even old Halloween costumes from thrift stores for their kids to play around in whenever they felt in the mood to pretend.  What a fabulous idea!  Our children periodically pull out some dress up stuff and have a ball.  I always love to watch them use their imaginations and see what they want to imitate!  The photos above show what 3 of them were playing recently.  Olivia was gone this day but she is not too old to participate in dressing up.  At 13 she still loves it too!


thetysonfamily said...

I'm so glad you have a blog, I can't wait to keep reading and see all of your pictures! (I'm just getting started. ;)) Just wanted to say, we don't do Halloween either, but you may be interested in what we do that day. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE to dress up, it's an (almost) every single day thing. So Halloween day/night is no different for them. Since so many people actually come to our door, we pass out candy and tracts or CDs that Tracy makes. Tracy also takes Elia (maybe Jude's old enough now, too) door-to-door and passes out tracts and CDs while I stay home and continue talking to people at our door. People still like to give the kids candy, but we thought, what an awesome opportunity to actually be invited to come to peoples' doors! Now, not everyone is thrilled that Tracy and Elia are coming to share the Gospel that night, but many people were surprised and happy to see them out doing that. Anyway, just thought I'd share. I love and miss you guys tons!! :)

Ellie said...

I like reading your blog! It's very nice.

I write one for our family.

Megan said...

Good to see your family's smiling faces online! You're doing a great job blogging. We Fletchers just love you Lodis!