Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome Micah James Lodi!

Meet the newest member of the Lodi family!  This precious little guy was 7 weeks old yesterday.  Boy, time flies and babies change so fast!  I can't believe it was only 7 weeks ago that he entered this world so tiny and new.  He is already getting used to so much!  Wearing clothes, being handled all the time, eating and digesting my milk and I'm sure you can think of many other first for him!  No wonder babies cry so much! When he was first born, I didn't want him to change at all.  I was almost depressed that the inevitable had to happen!  But everyday he gets cuter and it's exciting to watch him change and develop.  He smiles now and follows you with his eyes.  I will post some pictures of this later.  It is adorable!  He also coos and you can just see that he is trying to talk to you.  Have you noticed his hair?  Isn't it a hoot!  He is already doing his own thing, wearing his hair in a questionable style when he didn't even ask his parents!  Some friends think I put gel in his hair to make it do this but it's completely natural!

This is my very first blog entry so we will see how this goes!  I'm not real computer savvy as my  husband can attest!  If you hear the word "stupid" come out of my mouth, it's usually when I'm at the computer because I can't make it do what I want!


Janice said...

Hello everyone!

He is adorable!! Just like all the other kids.. I know you are enjoying him. Can't wait to meet Micah. Hope all is well. We are doing OK. Continue to pray.

Love ya,

Your sis, sister in law & Auntie

thetysonfamily said...

How sweet. I cannot wait to see you as a "new" mama (again) this December, Lord-willing! Love you, Kristin!

The Firms said...

Micah is precious. What joys and delights await you each and every day! His siblings seem to enjoy Micah's presence. Lord bless you, Kristin, and the family. Hugs, Nancy