Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve and Micah's first Christmas!

This was taken last night on Christmas Eve!  I made up my own rendition of Cheeseburger soup and it came out really good so everyone promptly ate it right up!  We invited a couple over from church but they couldn't come so we spent the evening with each other.  Our tradition is to open one gift on Christmas Eve and since I made most of the kids pajamas this year it made the most sense to open their home-made gifts.  

I've never sewed at Christmas time and I can't say that I'll do it again but it was fun to see them open these gifts this year.  I made the boys matching pants and then ran out of fabric so I bought them tops to go with.  I did have enough fabric to make Olivia the whole deal and she loved hers!  Julia did not need more pajamas so I attempted to make her a corduroy jumper. 

She asked if she could wear her new dress to bed since the others were wearing their pajamas!  she is holding a pencil with a Christmas tree eraser in case your wondering. After we sang some carols I read to them from a book that we read every year.  It's called One Wintery Night written by Ruth Graham Bell and it goes through the whole Bible telling the Christmas story.  We got about half-way through and hope to finish it today.

This is today, Christmas morning!  My mom sent money this year and I chose to buy all the kids their own blanket.  They love to wrap up in the early morning and read their Bibles when it's cold outside.

This is Micah's first Christmas!  He took a nap in the middle of it but then joined us again after breakfast just in time to open a few gifts himself!

This was a really funny moment!  The kids all bought gifts for each other this year and A.J. got confused when he wrapped up Julia's and Olivia's gifts.  He switched them on accident and Julia opened Olivia's!  It was a journal with a big "O" on the front.

So this is A.J. laughing at his mistake and the girls thought it was pretty funny too!  Olivia got to open Julia's gift which was a journal with a big "J" on the cover.

Sweet picture of Julia giving Reece a harmonica for Christmas.  They had so much fun giving each other gifts this year.

One of Micah's first gifts.  He seemed to like the box and gift wrap the most, of course!

This gift is from his Auntie Lisa shipped all the way from California.  He's peeking inside and trying to eat the wrapping!

And here is a smiling Micah in his new outfit from his crazy Auntie.  I'd say he is having a good day!

Thanks everyone for sending all the gifts you did for us for Christmas!  They helped make our day special.  The turkey is in the oven and the kids are all playing Monopoly together.  We picked out our gifts to help spread the Gospel to those in Asia from the GFA Christmas catalog this morning.  That was fun to see the kids really get into giving to help others.  Reece said, "Are there any animals that lay money?"  It's was pretty funny.  

We will be packing tonight to go to San Antonio for the the weekend!  We have lived here for 6 years and have never been there before.  They supposedly have a river-walk that is all decorated for Christmas and of course we will be visiting the Alamo. We are looking forward to a family vacation!  I will post pictures when we get back!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

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