Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pioneer girl at Thanksgiving

This is the dress that I told you about that Olivia was working on last week.  She finished it just in time for Thanksgiving and isn't it appropriate!
Look out!  This is a modern day Squanto with a bow and arrow that A.J. hand crafted!
Our children think Thanksgiving is a time to dress up like pilgrims and indians.  We were getting ready to spend the day with our church family.  One of the girls from church called before we left and asked our kids to bring any costumes they might have because they were planning to do a skit!  We were already prepared!
Who is this "turkey"?  Oh, it's Rich!  Guess he wanted his picture taken too and didn't want to miss out on all the fun!

"More turkey please!"  Micah looks like a bird waiting for papa bird to drop something yummy in his mouth!
We gathered at our church for a big feast.  This is after the feast when we are all full and happy!  This is Faith Rohlin and my friend, Jenna.  We were about ready to break out the games!
This is Tenecha and Akeem (I hope I'm spelling their names correct).  They  just moved here from New York and are enjoying a warmer Thanksgiving than they are used too.  We had fun teaching them how to play Skip-Bo and Uno Spin.  Although we never did figure out how to play Uno-spin!  Akeem is from Nigeria originally.
Ok, I have no idea what this game was all about but the guys seem to like it.  I think it's a game that tests your logic skills.  Landry (little blond boy) probably could beat them both! Matt and Rich work together at Gospel for Asia.  Matt and Jenna have 3 boys and are waiting to adopt a little girl soon.
This was the skit that we dressed up for.  The kids reenacted the first Thanksgiving.  
A.J. played Captain Standish and Julia was a pilgrim girl.  A.J. is getting into acting these days and is becoming uninhibited up front.  He will be in two separate plays this Christmas too.
This is Arthur Rohlin and Reece Lodi.  Arthur is a "ham" just like Reece!
Olivia and Grace Rohlin playing Monopoly.  
This is Hope Rohlin, Julia, and Harmony Rohlin.  If you haven't noticed, the Rohlin's have 8 kids and so there are at least 4 that are the same ages as ours!  
Meet Christianna, the youngest Rohlin.  She can talk your ear off and is always full of questions!  She and I have great conversations every Sunday.  Last week she asked me why Micah was wearing his "house shoes" to church?  I had to explain that babies wear slippers when they wear shoes since they don't walk yet. She seemed pretty perplexed by this and just didn't think it was right that he had his "house shoes" on at church!
Olivia really wanted me to get a picture of her and Hope Rohlin together. This is a new budding relationship.  Hope is 11 and Olivia is 13 but you'd never know they were 2 years apart.  

Our Thanksgiving was very special this year.  We have a new church family to celebrate with and appreciate them very much.  I only wish I had more photos of them to show you.  We have been blessed and honored to fellowship with this little Baptist Church for the past 3 months.  

Happy Thanksgiving!  

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