Monday, December 22, 2008

Moving into the "baby" stage

Micah is 4 months old now and is not an infant anymore.  He is cuter than ever, although we hate to say goodbye to the newborn stage of life.  Everything goes into his mouth at this new stage of babyhood . . . his fingers, fists, collars, burp rags, blankets, you name it!  The other night on the way home from Gospel for Asia, he was bundled up in his car seat sucking away on his blanket.  I could hear him sucking so hard that it sounded like he was getting lots of juice out of the fabric!  You would have thought he had a popsicle! 

This is one of my favorite sleepers on him.  It's a classic pooh bear outfit with faces of Winnie the Pooh on his feet.  I also loves the stripes.

This is called a "Bumbo" seat.  They are the latest and greatest invention for babies who can't sit up yet on their own.  They retail for about $40 but I got mine at a second hand sale for $10!  It looks like it's plastic but it's really a very smooth spongy material with lots of give to it.  It's heavy too so he can't tip over.  I love it because he can look around better than laying flat on a blanket and he can't go anywhere when he is in it.  This is an everyday sight when I put him in the middle of the room and go off to do the dishes or work in the kitchen.  When I look over to check on him, I find him staring back at me like this!

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Sarah Altman said...

He is getting so big! My sister found a bumbo seat at a garage sale for $2 and she loves it! I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season!