Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Creative Ways to Memorize Scripture

This is our first scripture drama that the kids have ever done. We thought we'd start small and work up to something longer and more challenging later.

We got the idea from some friends from church. The Hartman's have 4 children also and they are similar ages. They performed a fabulous scripture drama at a recent Valentine's banquet that our church hosted. I was so impressed! They acted out and recited in unison the entire love chapter found in I Corinthians 13. They spoke loudly, clearly and used drama to entertain and communicate the meaning of the chapter beautifully!

So, since we have been discussing how to respond to one another with kindness and not react defensively when a member of our family speaks harshly, this verse came to mind. We decided to put it to memory and why not teach some drama and communication skills along the way.

Here is what we came up with. Make sure to watch the older kids in the background when the little ones step forward to recite.


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Bridges family said...

I love your video! Definitely reminds me of the Hartmans!! :) Thanks for your comment on our blog! I was bummed that we didn't get any pics of Olivia (or Julia or Reese), since she was in childcare the whole time and we were in the kitchen almost the whole time. :( But at least we got one of AJ in there! :)
See y'all tomorrow,