Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Sample of Summer

This week we turned on our air conditioner!  In February, you say? Yep!  We had 2 days of spring weather with temperatures in the 70's and then on Thursday we had a sample of summer! The high was 86*!  

So in shorts and bare feet, the kids did their school work outside, climbed trees and posed for some pictures to prove it was summer in February!

Love those feet and rolly polly thighs.

What is this?  Blossoms on our Bradford pear tree out back.  It's also a picture of a tree in desperate need of pruning.

Soaking up the vitamin D

Pretty in Pink

These are called Shamrocks.  They bloom little pink flowers.  They will be in full bloom in March just in time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

This is my Oregano that just keeps on giving.  I planted this 3 years ago and it will withstand the freezing temps along with the Texas sun.  It sure makes spaghetti taste good! 

I just had to get in a picture of Julia whistling.  She started whistling nonstop about 3 years ago and she hasn't stopped either.  We love her whistling but every now and then we need some silence in the house.  She gladly agrees to stop but moments later finds herself whistling again without giving it a second thought.  It has become a habit (a nice one, I might add).  She can whistle just about any song she pleases.  I'm proud of her since I cannot whistle to save my life!

The wind was having fun with Micah's hair.

Today we woke up to 36* weather and our heater is pumping away again.  It never got much above 50* today.  It's winter this weekend and we are all in jackets but next week I bet we'll hear the birds a singing (along with Julia) and the sun will be shining and just maybe we'll be barefoot!

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