Thursday, February 19, 2009

Micah is 6 months old

Here are some recent pictures of Micah.  He turned 6 months old on the 16th of February!  You can click any of the pictures to make them bigger if you want to.  Our friend is loaning us his camera so we can decide whether or not we want to buy it from him.  It's a really nice one and we are pretty pleased with the pictures we took this weekend.  We are amateur photographers but they still came out pretty good.

What a goofy kid!

I  love this picture.  Micah is already taking after his big brother.

Precious moments with sissy.

The kids have so much fun with Micah around.  Last  night during family devotions, Micah was up on all fours rocking back and forth, trying to crawl!  The kids were so excited and were rooting him on.

There's the infamous tongue with those big dark eyes!

He is surely teething.  We are anticipating that first tooth's appearance!

He's in the middle of telling you a story.  Can you see it?

I had to put this picture in since I think my husband is so gorgeous in it!  Those huge dark eyes are what I found so attractive about his looks, 17 years ago.  Now all my kids have inherited them. He isn't smiling in this picture but he really is a very happy man. 

See the resemblance?

I'm an in awe at how time flies when babies are young.  A half a year has past already since Micah was born.  Where did it go?  

I am still breast feeding him which is a first for me to have made it this far.  All my other babies were on a bottle by this point.  I love looking at his hands when he nurses.  All the extra creases around their wrists are so cute.  I sing to him at night before bed and he rests his head on my shoulder as if to give me hugs.  It's almost more than I can handle.  

Thank you Jesus for this little guy!


Megan Fletcher said...

I don't know that I've ever seen Micah so alert & active. He is just precious. Your shots look great. What kind of camera is it?

Bridges family said...

Darling pictures!! So fun to see! :)