Sunday, July 12, 2009

Downtown Dallas Tourists

These are the 3 Amigos.  Chris Scharmen, Becky Lee and Rich Lodi have been friends for only about 25 years!  They have too many memories of working together as staff in the youth group in San Jose, California.  Back in the 80's some pretty crazy stuff was done to get the kids attention not to mention, have a little fun yourself!

Well, Chris and Becky planned a trip to come see us for 5 days over the 4th of July.  I will post their visit in segments since we did so much together.  I might just loose you in this post because I have so many good pictures!

One of the most interesting things we did was become Dallas tourists.  We've lived here for 6 years and have never explored downtown (isn't that sad!).  I've always wanted to go see the fountains at the base of this sky-scraper. You can see this funky shaped building from the free-way and I've always been curious about it.

We went on a Sunday afternoon and managed free parking in this parking garage. 

It's really an amazing place and I think everyone who lives in Dallas needs to visit this at least once.  

The building is all glass or at least it's made out of something that reflects the water falls all around it.  It is surrounded by water.

It would be fun to bring a picnic lunch down here sometime because there were these great umbrella tables all around.  If you do decide to visit, make sure your kids bring their swimsuits!

This is the fountain place I was talking about.  Water literally shoots up randomly out of the cement.  This is our friend, Chris, daring Reece to run across it.  Chris showed him how it's done.

So then Reece got up the courage to run across too.
So far, there is not a lot of action from the water 

But . . it slowing got a little more crazy!

Reece is still dry.

A.J. decides to join in.

Dry no more!

Back and forth they go, weaving in and out.

Olivia gets involved.

Can she make it?

This was crazy.  One of these quadrants would just blow full blast and you never knew which one or if you'd be lucky enough to be caught in one!

Here is the experience in slow motion.

If you could drowned in shooting water, Olivia would manage to be the one.  She has always loved to get fully wet, fully clothed.  The water dripping off her glasses was a great effect! Click on this picture to enlarge it.

Micah stayed nice and dry on Dad's back.  His mouth just hung open as he watched his crazy siblings. 

It was hot that day so the wet ones drip dried as we walked on down to catch the trolley.

I can't believe Micah is actually looking at the camera in this picture.  When you have 5 kids it's hard to get everyone looking at the same time especially Micah.

I wished I had gotten a picture of the trolley from the outside but I guess we were too concerned with catching it in time.  I'm not sure why because this conductor was not in a hurry in the least.  He gave us some background history about this trolley and even let the kids blow the whistle.

This is another free thing to do downtown besides visiting the fountains.  My husband is all about free!

We rode the trolley to the end of the line and then caught the DART back.  I had to take a picture of the escalator in the DART station.  It's the longest escalator that I ever been on.  It was a little freaky actually.

I think Julia is afraid of heights and she is definitely weary of escalators.  It must be the "quick decision making" factor that accompanies boarding an escalator that throws her. 

This picture was taken at the JFK shooting sight.  The street behind Becky and the kids is where John F. Kennedy was shot.  The sky-scrapers in the background are stunning as is the revolving tower next to them.  We were told that it's under construction right now but that would be fun to visit sometime.

It was a long day for Micah as it was for us all.  It didn't take him long to check out on the ride home.

We had a great time with Chris and Becky.  I hope to post more pictures of their visit soon!

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scharmen said...

Great pictures Kristin. I can't believe how much better some of your fountain pictures turned out compared to mine. So I stole some of them. :)