Sunday, July 26, 2009

Howdy ya'll

I promised a "part II" of our friends visit to Texas. We had so much fun visiting downtown Ft. Worth. This is the stockyard area where everything is about Texas cowboys. Lot's of shops and steak houses. Let's not forget bull riding!

Becky got both of the guys to ride the mechanical bull! First Rich went. His eyes kept bugging out of his head, but he rode as well as he could keeping his balance with his arm in the air.

Next went Chris and all he could do was yell! He just kept saying "ouch!" He tried to stay on but after just a few minutes he got off and said it hurt too much! He was so vocal about it that we could not stop laughing! I hope to post the video soon because it was really funny! The picture below is what he did right after he got off! I still laugh when I think about it! I guess Chris is not cowboy material!

Next we drove over to the downtown area of Ft. Worth. It is really nice with lots of little white lights. It was a beautiful night to walk around and look at all the great architecture.
We wanted to go up to the top of this office building but it was closed.

This is a theatre and I loved the angels and their horns coming out of the side of the building!
So cool!
Here is another view after dark

We had to go to Rita's rooftop for dessert. This was a restaurant on, well, a rooftop! Great ambiance! We could not decide which desserts to get so we got one extra and shared them all. What were we thinking? It was a splurge for sure!

Great picture of Chris and A.J.! I stole this from Chris!

This is how Micah plays with baby-dolls. He tries to eat them!

Ummm, I think I'll bite his head off.

Not bad tasting, when you are teething. He has cut a tooth since then.

On the 4th of July we wanted to make sure the kids understood what we were celebrating so we decided to have Chris read to them about our journey to freedom as a country. He is a 6th grade teacher so we picked him to be our teacher.

He did a good job. Thanks Chris!

This is Becky with Julia and Micah.

Later that day we went to a friend's house to fellowship and barbecue. It was so hot! This is Olivia with her red, white and blue ribbon in her hair. A good picture of her without glasses.

A.J. learning to ride those new skateboard things. I don't know what they are called.
I'm not a very hip mom.

He did pretty good. I think he was getting the hang of it by the end of the evening.

Another night we had a little talent show.

Rich plays this goofy song called the laughing song. He basically laughs through the whole thing and gets everyone laughing. I know it looks like he is crying and he kind of was.
You know how you laugh until you cry sometimes?

We had too much fun that night. I wish I had more pictures of the evening because we played late into the evening. There were many more performances even by our guests!

The last day we went to GFA so that Chris and Becky could pick out India bags. These bags come all the way from India and are handmade. The missionaries there carry gospel literature in them when they walk or bike from village to village.

This is Chris evangelizing Becky. She's not saved yet.

Reece being the "ham" that he is! Taken in the cafe' at GFA.

We had a great time with Chris Scharmen and Becky Lee! We really hope they come to visit again sometime. A couple of our kids broke down in tears the night they left. They really get attached to our guests sometimes. One day we will all be together for eternity and there will be no more goodbyes!

Until then, we'll just say "ya'll come back now, ya hear!"

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