Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A step back in time

Isn't the 50's a fun time period!  Olivia was invited to a friend's birthday party last week.  She was turning 16 and had a 50's theme party.  Poodle skirts were begging to be worn, pony tails, and scarves, of course.

Olivia didn't really know what they wore and so we looked up some pictures online so I could show her the style back then (before I was born).  She got into it once we got the whole outfit complete.  She borrowed this skirt from a friend of ours who sews all the time for her daughter who sings and acts.  She is always making costumes for her next activity.  We were so glad she had one since we had about 2 days to think about it.

These are two sisters who also went to the party.  Nicole and Shawna made their skirts to match.  They worked hard the morning of the party to finish in time.  

Aren't they cute!  Oh, to be that young again!

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Porter Family said...

These pictures are so adorable! I remember dressing in 50's style like this for a school dance in 8 grade. I guess I was about 13. It was so fun. All their skirts turned out so great!