Friday, January 30, 2009

More about Me

No pictures again.  Sorry, but our camera broke and we have yet to purchase another one.  It's killing me to not be taking pictures.  I guess it has become somewhat of a hobby for me. So for now, you'll have to listen to me blab about myself and how I'm processing life right now.

Everyone keeps asking if my eyes are getting better.  I wish I could say they were but so far I haven't seen any significant improvements.  I can say that I feel overall, normal and have been getting back into the swing of things around here, wearing my patch and operating with one eye most of the time. I'm supposed to be switching the patch from one eye to the other but quite frankly trying to move around with the use of my bad eye is very difficult.  I am trying to be a good girl, though, and exercise my left eye as much as I can.

I have to say that I'm getting a glimpse of the difference between conventional medicine and alternative treatment.  I don't want to make a blanket statement and say that all conventional medical doctors are uncaring and that their procedures are unnecessary because I know some people have been helped and many must be in the profession for the good of the patient.  But, I'm realizing just how far we gotten away from good old fashioned patient care.  

For example; I went to see the neurologist and she examined me and gave me my diagnosis along with a list of tests she wanted me to follow through with.  Half of what she told me, I did not understand because of all the medical jargon used.  She never told me what she was trying to rule out with all the tests or any of the possible causes of my diagnosis.  I guess it was my job to ask.  She was nice enough but we left with more questions than when we came in.  One of the last things she recommended was a second opinion with a Nuero Ophthalmologist. Now that we've finished with all the testing and nothing was found we have been notified (through the mail, I might add) that we have an appointment with the Ophthalmologist for more testing!  Why? is my question.  What are they looking for that we haven't already tested for?  The paperwork we received in the mail says to prepare for a 2-3 hour appointment where further testing will be performed.  Why do I feel like just another patient on the schedule?  

Being a first-born child means I have the tendency to want to please and obey my authorities.  I feel like if I don't keep this appointment I will be breaking the rules and someone might have reason to yell at me.  I need to grow up and get over that!  I want to be in charge of my own health and at least give my consent to all these tests.  I think that's why I feel so comfortable with my regular physician.  Dr. Newell is a Family Nurse Practitioner and is certified in Homeopathic medicine.  He gives of his time and in no way rushes you.  I can get an appointment with him the same day I call and he discusses with me the best course of treatment.  We decide together what should be done.  I can rely on his expertise all along knowing he is taking into account my concerns.  I recently took Micah to see him for an ear infection that I had tried to treat naturally to no avail.  I was dreading the usual antibiotic remedy that all other doctors would have prescribed. To my surprise he treated him with a homeopathic remedy that worked within 24 hours.  He is a new child and I never had to use antibiotics!

All this to say, I think I'll call this Ophthalmologist and ask for a consult first before blindly going through with all these tests.  After all, I've never even met him before.


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mamaforhim said...

This is the FORMER Jenny Nagle! It's Baker now!
I found your blog by clicking on a couple of others!

Would love to keep in touch, but right now I have to clean up after my daughter's birthday

G( she'll be 5 tomorrow), make wipies, and "help" my over-sugared preschool take a nap....

My blog is or email me ( I think that a link might show up to my emal... don't know...give it a try!

Think of you guys often! Especially when one of those worship songs from Rich pops in my head and I can't remember the words!!

God bless!